LSD Disassembly and Rebuild

11 11 2007

Yesterday had some pretty cool moments. Namely helping two of my Japanese buddies disassemble their S13 Silvia Q’s old differential. It was the stock open diff that came with his car but still it was a good primer for the work I’ll eventually be doing on my own machine. He bought a used one already installed in the pumpkin and so he only had to switch pumpkins. I’m really glad I came for the sake of knowledge and building up the friendships there, but really it would have been a pain with only two people. That’s also something good to have learned. It’s important to know how many hands it takes to do something. Someone with a properly arranged shop could get by doing it solo, but if you want to do an LSD swap (assuming you already have the pumpkin off the car) in a parking lot or something 3 people is a pretty handy number to have. From here on out are some simple notes for my own benefit. They are most likely something you guys should be ignoring though since it won’t be very interesting.

1) Loosen as many bolts as possible while the pumpkin is still on the car, it’s hard to hold by hand while torquing loose the bigger ones. Mainly the Diff oil screw.

2) Drain the Diff oil (This can be 80% done while the diff is still on the car; again easier than holding the diff over a bucket. The pumpkin is pretty heavy if you’re wimpy like me haha)

3) MARK WHICH SIDES OF THE DIFF ARE THE TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, AND RIGHT SIDES!!! If you take the diff off the car and take the cover off it can be hard to tell which output shaft is the left one and which is the right one. For us we were only taking it apart and placing it back together so we could remember but if one was switching diffs and moving the pumpkin around much it could be easy to forget or visualize it wrong in the first place.

4) Remove the Pumpkin cover: Loosen and remove the 8 or so small screws and washers.

5)Remove the output shafts: Using a rubber hammer and something to pry with one can beat/pry the output shafts loose from the diff.

6)Clearly designate left side and right side components, and keep them all together and separate from one another. Again this is an opportunity to screw something up. Don’t.

7) Remove the water and oil shield/thing bolted on where the output shafts were. Place in left and right parts piles.

8) The diff should now be loose in the pumpkin and one can simply push it to where one of the bearings is coming out of one of the output shaft holes, rotate the other side up towards the diff cover area, and pull it out.

9) drain all remaining oil. Don’t forget to look at the final drive gear and spin it around…it looks pretty neat.

10) From here every thing’s apart, but there are some screws and a ring gear you have to acquire from the old diff to mount onto the new one. We didn’t do this step but it looks harder to screw up than the other ones.

11)Use this opportunity to clean everything out really well. Maybe consider painting the LSD pumpkin gold to match the wheels so you can feel like a real dork.

12) When reassembling, make SURE you get backlash right. I would just recommend having a shop do it. Plus if something goes wrong you can make them accountable for it. This is a good thing.

The whole process went very easily and we only spent about an hour taking it apart and putting it back together. I was VERY surprised it was such an easy process and most of the time was spent on preparations like finding something to drain the oil into, or on lack of preparation such as forgetting to loosen the oil drain bolt while the diff was on the car. 2 of us were holding the diff in place with enough force for the 3rd person to break the bolt loose with a socket wrench and a big aluminum pipe over it. That was a bit of a pain. Everything else was super easy; I was utterly shocked. I hope my car cooperates that well, as I plan to upgrade the diff in my car someday also.




2 responses

11 11 2007

When the time comes, if you need help, I’d be glad to help.

12 11 2007
Bloody Riot

It only took an hour not too bad.

If you need help… 😀


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