2008 STS Regional Trophy: Outlooks

9 02 2008

In 2006 I was trying my best in an under-tuned car and placed 4th. Most of the drivers have had one additional year of autocrossing while I’ve had a year where I’ve barely gotten behind the wheel at all. I’ve been practicing using a driving simulator to try my best at preserving the standard driving patterns and reactions in my mind and perhaps the time away from the car will change my perception on driving and my ability to feel the car.

Still, the tire issue bothers me. 205mm wide tires currently carry the 240sx into races but the class limit is ideally a 225mm tire on a 7.5 inch wide wheel. By adding these the cornering speed should improve considerably. In 2006 it was enough for me to know I was riding on the same tire as the best ST drivers. I underestimated the importance of those extra mm’s. Though I couldn’t afford the wheels and tires both so it’s not surprising.

This year I want to invest in a good set of wheels and tires to try and fill the gap of not driving for a year. I don’t want to end up with a much heavier wheel and tire package than I had before or I might negate the cornering advantage I should gain. There’s no choice but to go with taller wheels. As cars continue to evolve the trend is always taller and wider tires so even if I bought a 15×7.5 the class winning tires may not come that wide until you hit a 16 or 17. I have to find out how much those extra inches weigh vs my current tires + wheels.

At this rate I won’t have them on the car until mid season. Assuming the fitments work out and everything holds together I might have a glimmer of hope for a trophy finish in 2008. (Only your best 5 finishes are counted for the YEP) But it’s pretty grim. If the car needs too much maintenance or it looks too hopeless I may make this a drift season or simply lay in wait for 2009.

It won’t be long until I catch a glimpse of what 2008 has in store; I can’t wait.






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